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My Talks



I  give talks to clubs and societies across South Devon on a range of topics. One of my favourites is "Visiting the Alpine Front, 1915-17" in which I share some of my experiences in visiting forts, fortifications, tunnels, museums and much more in the spectacular scenery of Northern Italy and Slovenia. A follow-up talk, covering the last year of the war, entitled, "Camels Over The Alps" is nearing completion.


My other talks include:

"The Redoubtable Swiss", explaining how this mountain nation was able to keep out of the clutches of Nazi Germany during World War 2. This talk includes a look at some of the amazing fortifications of the Swiss National Redoubt.

"Tinpot and the Spy", the incredible story of allegedly the first parachute spy mission

"The Torquay Historical Pageant of 1924",


 "The Drinking Fountains of Torquay", I have written a small book to go with this talk.

"Searching for Moorover", exploring the connection between curious objects on Dartmoor and a St Marychurch GP.


"Kiwis in Torquay", the story of the New Zealand Discharge Depot that was here between 1917 and 1919.

For more information, have a look at the pdf below.

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