My Talks



I  give talks to clubs and societies across South Devon on a range of topics. One of my favourites is "Visiting the Alpine Front, 1915-17" in which I share some of my experiences in visiting forts, fortifications, tunnels, museums and much more in the spectacular scenery of Northern Italy and Slovenia. A follow-up talk, covering the last year of the war, entitled, "Camels Over The Alps" is nearing completion.


My other talks include:

"The Redoubtable Swiss", explaining how this mountain nation was able to keep out of the clutches of Nazi Germany during World War 2. This talk includes a look at some of the amazing fortifications of the Swiss National Redoubt.

"The Hill Figures of England"

"The Torquay Historical Pageant of 1924",


 "The Drinking Fountains of Torquay", I have written a small book to go with this talk.

"Searching for Moorover", exploring the connection between curious objects on Dartmoor and a St Marychurch GP.


I am now working on a talk based on the New Zealand Discharge Depot that was here between 1917 and 1919.

For more information, have a look at the pdf below.